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School Lunches


10 reasons to choose Lennie’s school lunches

Healthy balanced meal daily
Using quality products – many locally sourced
Value for money
Convenience – time saved in the morning plus there’s no worry about keeping food fresh and hygienic until lunch
Eating together – makes lunchtime fun and enjoyable and improves social skills
Prepared and created by fully trained staff
Children are encouraged to try a variety of different foods
Traditionally cooked and freshly prepared
Our purchasing policy ensures our suppliers are quality checked
Be part of the whole school approach to health and wellbeing



To view this term’s menu, click here.


School meals are cooked in the school kitchen and are served in the school canteen at a cost determined by the LEA.  The present cost is £2.15(FP) or £2.25 (KS2) per meal, and payment should be made on the Monday of each week.  Discounts are available for payment by Direct Debit and for families of 3 or more children. Children bringing a packed lunch may bring drinks but these must not be carried in glass containers.  Packed lunches should not include hot drinks, soups or convenience foods which require boiling water.

Pupils should bring in a water bottle to take advantage of the constant supply of freshly cooled water available in school.

Free meals are provided for children whose parents qualify for them and application forms are available from the Area Education Office.